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The United Front

About Us
The United Front was formed in early May of 2019 as a merge of two sister clans. These clans were [DD] Death Dealers and [GC] Gatsby Company. While this transition hasn't been the easiest thing in our history, it is an importany step to progress into the future.

Where We Come From 
Death Dealers:
"DD started out as two friends who wanted to create a group of people to play squad together. As we recruited we realized that instead of a group we were much bigger, we were our own clan. We then participated in multiple events with other clans and when V13 came around we saw the opportunity to make an even bigger clan by merging with GC." -Will Smith

Gatsby Company:
"Gatsby Company was founded in March of 2018. In our first year we surpassed over 400 members and had several servers and many dedicated players. GC was founded on the desire to train new Squad Leaders how to lead a team. Over time, with Squad burning people out, GC started to quiet down. In March of 2019 the founder of the company, Hello Old Sport, stepped down as leader. Shortly there after, talks began with Death Dealers about a possible merge." -RedItUp

How To Join The United Front
In order to create the healthy and supportive community, we must be selective of our members. Each and every one of our member is hand-picked, not for their individual skill, but for their pleasant personality and ability to work together effectively. That being said, we’re always looking to expand The United Front, and applications are open to all!


Our Discord!


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