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Server Rules

•No Teamkilling, apologize in chat for accidental TK.

•No griefing, trolling or harassment.

•Respect UF administrative requests.

•Squad Leaders are allowed to kick for any reason.

•Squad Leaders MUST have microphones.

•No hacking, cheating, glitching or exploiting the game in any way.

•Be courteous to players and admins.

•Don't camp the enemy main with infantry, vehicles or mines. (Halfway to the first point)

•While seeding the server, all combat must be at the center objective until 40 players. Please do not attack HABs as well during this time.

•No using the "unarmed" kit after 40 players on the server.

•No 1 manned locked squads unless you are running logistical trucks (and are actually doing logi runs).

•Vehicles that require crewman must have 2 crewmen at all times.

•Creating a squad without the intention to lead is not allowed.

•Creating squads with racist squad names, or having a vulgar user name will result in a permanent ban.

•Do not share ticket counts with the enemy team.


Our Discord!


The United Front | Team Play Req.